Dragon Ball GT Episode 28

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Dragonball GT Episode 28
(Aired 10/30/96)

Gokuu kaeru… Chikyuu wa zenbu ora no teki!?
Gokuu Returns… “All of Earth is My Enemy!?”

The ship nears Earth, and Gokuu and Pan rejoice. Pan is starting to
claim all of the credit for finding both the Dragon Balls and Gill.
Gokuu wants to stop at Kami-sama’s tower first, so they do. Gokuu
begins by complementing Dende for looking healthy, but Pan interrupts to
hand over the Balls. Dende knows better, and Pan berates the Namek for
doubting that she’d done all of the work. Then there is an argument
over what Shenlon will be asked to do — Pan wants Gokuu to be returned
to normal, while everyone else wants to save the Earth. (Gokuu has no
problem with remaining young, and doesn’t fear Chichi’s reaction when
she finds out.) After one wish, the Balls will fly away and take one
year to recover (after that, whatever problem that people want to fix
that is over one year old will not be fixable via the Balls.)
Finally, Pan gives the Balls to Mr. Poppo, and the heroes prepare to
return home. Gill and Trunks plan to return to Capsule Corp., and Pan
and Gokuu plan to go back to their countryside house. (Pan wants Gill
to tell her version of how things went on their trip.) And as a reward
for helping so much, Pan gives Gill her scarf and her “first kiss”.
Gill blushes. They leave, and Dende evilly grins as he plans to give
the Balls to “Baby-sama.”
An angry crowd has gathered outside Mr. Satan’s mansion. Buu
realizes that Gokuu and Pan have returned, and Satan — hidden safely
inside a cyst in Buu — rejoices. Satan wants to fight, while Buu was
expecting to run away. Satan wants to go outside to meet Gokuu, then is
told that the heroes are still out in space. The two leave the mansion,
with Buu blowing the mob out of the way.
Satan tries to figure out this business about the “Tsufuru-jin egg”,
and Buu tells him that Baby’s egg is inside nearby; Satan sees it
throbbing in its own cyst. Buu hates the feeling and spits the egg out.
They are now confronted by another mob. Satan asks if anyone in the mob
is controlled by Baby. Buu says “no”, and adds that the humans are all
at normal human strength. Satan asks to be spit out to fight the crowd.
He quickly beats them up, which only makes the mob mad. Buu has to
rescue Satan, and they fly off.
At the Son home, Gokuu and Pan receive the cold shoulder treatment
from Videl and Chichi. There’s lots of food on the table, but Gokuu is
not allowed to eat, and Pan’s bragging is ignored. Chichi and Videl act
like zombies, cooking and washing dishes. In Capsule Corp., Trunks and
Gill arrive to an empty garage. Trunks can understand this treatment
from Vejiita, but not from Bulma. Suddenly, Gill yells out “Danger,

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Trunks thinks that the robot is just sensing Vejiita, and believes
that this is indeed the correct response to the Saiyan Prince. They
start heading into the building, and Vejiita is there to tell them that
they are late. Vejiita already knows where the Dragon Balls are, and
tells his son to come inside. They reach Bulma’s room. Bulma says “You
are a bad boy — Vejiita, punish him.” She leaves the room, and Baby
reveals himself a little bit. Trunks doesn’t recognize the monster, but
Gill attacks him with a pair of missiles. Baby calls Gill a traitor;
Trunks realizes what is happening and tells Gill to escape. The robot
launches two more rockets. Vejiita-Baby easily destroys the rockets and
blows Gill against the far wall. The robot lies on the ground, covered
in sparks.
Vejiita-Baby announces Trunks’ new birthday, reminding him of their
last encounter. Trunks also has an egg in him. The egg is activated,
and Trunks struggles against it. Back in the country, Gokuu complains
that Chichi is still angry, and Pan is growing more confused. Then,
Goten and Gohan arrive, saying that the food is for them. Gokuu
realizes that something is wrong, as the brothers keep talking about him
as “Saiya-jin”. They decide to switch to “that form” and go SSJ to
welcome Gokuu and Pan back. Pan panicks, asking Videl for help. Chichi
tells her boys to kill Gokuu. The power-up blows the roof from the
house. Gokuu asks if they are worried about Earth blowing up, and the
two brothers answer “Earth? What about it?” They attack.
Pan asks if this is her reward for trying so hard to save Earth. Her
father replies by firing an energy blast at her. Gokuu intercepts the
blast, and they are thrown to the ground. Pan passes out, thinking that
she has been a bad child and had done something wrong. Gokuu fails to
correct her thinking and decides to fight back. He asks if this is
really Gohan, and the man acts innocent. He replies “from the looks of
it, yes.” Goten says “I am Goten Son.” He shoots Gokuu from behind.
Gokuu easily blocks the blast and says that he didn’t think Goten was
that kind of person. Gohan replies that Gokuu, a “Saiya-jin” shouldn’t
talk. The boy answers that he is an Earthling, not a Saiya-jin. Goten
doesn’t care, and the brothers start punching their dad. Gokuu gets mad
and gets serious. But, Gohan and Goten withstand the beating, cackle,
and prepare to blast away again. Gokuu had given them their chance and
he goes into Kamehame-ha.
Satan shouts out for Gokuu to stop. With Satan is Buu, holding Pan.
Satan tells Gokuu that Baby has taken over the two Saiyan-halfs, and has
controlled the rest of humanity in the same way. Gokuu thinks about
this, while Gohan and Goten wait expectantly. Behind our hero is also
Vejiita-Baby. V-B wants to know what Gokuu will do now that he knows
that Vejiita has also been controlled. The narrator tells us that the
revenge battle between Saiya-jin and Tsufuru-jin is about to begin.