Dragon Ball GT Episode 32

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Dragonball GT Episode 32
(Aired 01/08/96)

Gokuu o kaese!! Ikari no senshi Uubu
Gokuu Returns!! Angry Fighter Uubu


Note that there was a DBZ special on 12/18/96. The first part was a
repeat of “100 Billion Power Fighter”; the second Cooler movie.
The second part was a list of final moments — scenes where Gokuu
defeats Freeza, and Buu, ending with Gokuu taking on Vejiita-Baby.
The 12/25/97 episode was apparently pre-empted by a seasonal special.


New Character
Kudagari — Suguro’s shape-changing son. A space tanuki. Named here
for the first time.

Baby comments on Uubu’s being yet another Earthling that had been
overlooked by his eggs. Uubu tells Pan that he’d been monitoring
events, and had noticed that Gokuu’s ki had disappeared. He asks Pan if
Gokuu is dead. Baby takes credit for killing Gokuu, and Uubu flashes
back to his last fight with Gokuu in Dende’s tower. At the end of the
fight, Gokuu had promised to meet with Uubu again one year later. Uubu
is angry that Baby has prevented Gokuu from keeping his promise, and he
powers up, flying to confront Baby.
Pan tries to stop Uubu, but has to face her own parents instead.
Videl and Gohan want Pan to go with them and join Baby. The Tsufuru-jin
that ate Pan’s pills are groaning with stomach aches, while Buu stands
in the middle of them and says “Uubu.” Baby plans on killing Uubu, and
they fight. The resulting damage to buildings causes people to run for
cover. Baby believes that Uubu is no stronger than Gokuu, and expects
an easy victory. He prepares a larger energy ball attack, and Uubu
fires off a quick blast to smash Baby into the wall. Uubu rushes in to
keep fighting, but Gohan, Goten, and Trunks fly up to protect their
master. This only angers Baby further, since it implies that the three
think he’s weak and will lose against Uubu. Baby blasts the
interlopers, sending them through the far wall and somewhere outside the
city. Uubu is surprised by this reaction. Pan cries for her father.
On Dai Kaiou-shin’s planet, Gokuu is watching the crystal ball, and
he again asks to be returned to the battle. The old coot drinks some
coffee (the cup has his picture on it) and complains about the bad
taste. He asks if Gokuu is willing to undertake a very painful and
stressful form of power up, and the boy says “sure.” The old coot then
tells the boy to drop his pants. Gokuu asks why, and the old coot
strips him to reveal a skin-covered stubby protrusion at the base of
Gokuu’s spine. Dai Kaiou-shin tells Kaiou-bit that Gokuu’s tail is
starting to grow out, and must be assisted to accellerate the process.
Without the tail, Gokuu’s powers will be limited. The old coot wants
Kaiou-bit to get a pair of pliers, which Kaiou-bit doesn’t have. Suguro
volunteers to help, and tells his boy — Kudagari — to get started.
The little tanuki happily turns into a large pair of pincers. Gokuu is
dismayed to learn that is tail is going to be painfully extracted from
his butt, but he eventually agrees to it. Dai Kaiou-shin grins evilly.

[Comercial break]

Baby and Uubu keep fighting, looking about even-up. Baby compliments
Uubu a bit, then says that it’s not enough to defeat him. They go into
an energy blast showdown, with Baby upping his power output. Uubu is
overpowered, evades most of the blast, gets hit, and drops down to the
feet of Pan, Buu and Satan. Baby is annoyed that the fight is over so
soon. Pan gets pissed that not only has her father been controlled, but
Uubu has fallen as well. She attacks, and has absolutely no effect on
the monster. She puts Satan into a panic, though. Satan tells Buu that
with Videl under Baby’s control, Pan is all that he has left. Buu
comments that Satan and Uubu’s most precious people are in danger, and
It catches Pan when Baby bats her out of the sky. Buu says that the
unconscious girl is ok, and hands her to Satan. Satan wants to escape
now, as Baby prepares a Revenge Death Ball to kill Uubu with. Satan
asks what is happening on the ground as Buu flies away with him. Buu
answers that the Tsufuru-jin are giving their energy to Baby, just as
they did when Gokuu was defeated.
Buu flies Pan and Satan to a safe distance from the city, and tells
the Savior of the World that It loves him. There’s a flashback
showing the scene when Satan had beat up the two humans that had shot
Buu’s puppy; which is when Buu and Satan had become friends. But, while
Buu and Satan are friends, Buu feels a stronger link to Uubu. It flies
off to save Uubu, waving goodbye to Satan.
Baby launches the RDB to finish off Uubu just like he’d wasted Gokuu.
Uubu can’t move, but Buu arrives to inhale the RDB. The RDB blows up
inside of Buu, and destroys part of the city. Baby thinks that Uubu is
dead either way, and he hops in Bulma’s skimmer to go to her control
Uubu is still alive, but hurting badly, and he asks who it was that
saved him. He doesn’t recognize Buu at all. Buu’s spirit appears, and
Uubu feels that he’s known Buu from a long time ago. Buu tells him of
his family line. There was a thin Buu, an evil Buu, and a Fat Buu.
Then came Uubu. Now, there will be one more version of Buu: They merge.
Uubu is healed, and he’s happy at the greater power he now feels
(Ultimate Uubu is very buff, and wears a black vest, and white pants
tucked into yellow boots.) He thinks he can defeat Baby now. On Dai
Kaiou-shin’s planet, Gokuu is complaining at the pain as the others pull
out his tail (about two inches of furry tail can be seen now.)
Baby is on parade, and his people cheer him on as Bulma drives their
master in the skimmer. Baby senses Uubu’s approach, and they prepare to
fight again. The narrator tells us that Vejiita-Baby and the changed
Uubu are ready to fight, and hopes that Gokuu’s tail will be extracted