Dragon Ball GT Episode 44

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Dragonball GT Episode 44
(Aired 04/30/97)

Kyuukyoku Jinzou-ningen! Futari no 17-go gattai
The Ultimate Android! The Two #17s Unite

#18 walks forward, saying “we’re a team together”, until Kuririn
shouts out that she’s his wife. #17 refers to Gero as “Gero-sama”, and
Kuririn asks why he’s showing deference to such a hated enemy. #17
almost breaks free of the new #17’s power, but the new #17 calls out for
him to hurry up and become one. The old #17 yells at Kuririn for being
a distraction, and fires an energy blast that punches through Kuririn’s
chest and kills him.
#18 remembers when she’d first met the runt, and he’d saved her from
Bulma’s distruct switch. She cries. #17 says that they don’t have time
for this, and asks #18 to go with him now. Instead, #18 goes bezerk,
yelling to have Kuririn returned to her. She pounds #17 into the
#17 comments on his sister’s having become weak, and prepares to kill
her daughter. #18 commands Maron to run away, then tries to counter
#17’s energy blast with one of her own. She fails and gets knocked to
the ground. #17 calls her an idiot and flies away. #18 struggles to
crawl to her husband, happily grabs his hand, says that she loves him,
and dies on the street.
In Hell, Cell and Freeza taunt Gokuu about feeling cold, congratulate
themselves on using Hell’s Buster, and then prepare to blow up the
iceberg. However, the ice starts to melt, and the old woman runs up to
see what’s wrong. The snow spirits complain of the heat and fly away.
The old woman says that her tortures are designed for dead people — no
one told her that the boy was still alive. The ice explodes; Cell and
Freeza both say “That’s impossible”. Gokuu comments on the cold, adds
that it’s been fun, and attacks to kill the villians again. The
villians laugh, since there’s no point to killing someone that’s already
dead. Gokuu laughs back about that, and turns on the snow machine —
which is designed to work only on dead people. Gokuu says that the two
ice cycles are bad guys, even for being dead, then accidently knocks
them over and shatters them into pieces.
Rirudo batters Gohan, then uses his mouth blast to create more liquid
metal that captures Gohan’s leg. Rirudo yells out for Gohan to die and
readies another mouth blast. But, the mutant gets blind-sided by Uubu.
Trunks, Goten, Satan, Gill and Pan rush in. Gohan thanks Uubu for
saving him, and Pan asks Gill to remove the metal from her father. Gill
uses a beam that deactivates the liquid metal.
The new #17 and Vejiita take a breather. Vejiita is angry at wasting
time on this kid and orders #17 to power up. Myuu and Gero are amused
by this, and Myuu is pleased with “his” #17. Then, the old #17 arrives,
to Vejiita’s shock. Goten, Uubu, Trunks and the others show up soon
after. Myuu orders the show to begin.

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Gero and Myuu tell the Z Fighters that when the two androids become
one, #17 will turn into THE ultimate android of the Earth. The two #17s
say that they are going to become one. They glow with a blinding light
that makes the sky seem dark, and merge. A small sun envelops them, and
they turn into “Super #17”. Super #17 is taller, leaner, more muscular,
and has longer black hair that keeps getting in his face. He looks like
#17 might at age 28. With a look, Super #17 blows up the city.
Uubu asks where this power is coming from, and the two Doctors say
that this is the new android from Hell, Super #17. Vejiita gets pissed
and attacks to kill the android. His punch has no effect and he gets
tossed aside. Uubu flies in and bashes away pointlessly. #17 brushes
the dust from his boot. Goten and Trunks leap in with twin kicks to
#17’s back, again to no effect. Gohan tells the others to get out of
the way, and launches Kamehame-ha. #17 straightens up and the blast
leaves him untouched.
Gero asks if they’ve finished, and adds that it’s now Super #17’s
turn. Within a few seconds, the Z Fighters are all scattered across the
landscape. Gero and Myuu claim that the heroes have no chance of
winning. Gohan wobbles to his feet, cursing. The heroes all go SSJ.
#17 comments that this just means that no one understands the true
situation here, so he’ll give them just a taste. The android blasts
away furiously, but effortlessly, and laughs a lot.
Gokuu has found a crystal ball in Hell, and he’s impressed with
#17’s power. He yells out for Enma to send him back to Earth. But, the
Gatekeeper is powerless. Enma doesn’t understand what the problem is,
but his powers are being blocked. (Meanwhile, one of the Dragon Balls
begins to crack.) Piccolo calls out, and Enma sees the demon king via
his TV set. Piccolo is in a pleasant spot in heaven, and a group of
spirits nearby are enjoying a picnic. Piccolo demands to be sent to
Hell, but Enma doesn’t have any precedents to follow for condemning
someone good that has been accepted in heaven. So, Piccolo insults
Enma, and starts blasting away at the fleeing souls of the dead. He
says that he is still the Great Evil Demon King at heart. This cinches
it for Enma, and Piccolo’s halo fades out. (Looking at the damage and
huddled souls, Piccolo feels a twinge of guilt.)
#17 is watching the ground, waiting for the clouds to subside. The Z
Fighters are bloody, but alive. Vejiita retaliates with his new blast
“Shine Attack”. The light-green ray hits #17 and gives off a lot of
light. The backblast tears up the Earth more. #17 is still healthy
afterwards, and he blasts furiously away at the heroes once more.
Gokuu thinks that things are getting more grim, and he wants to
return to Earth to save Vejiita and his friends. Suddenly, Piccolo
shows up in Hell, saying that he knows how to get Gokuu back home. The
narrator asks if Piccolo really knows what he’s doing (Piccolo says that
this is a Namek trick), and adds that there’s not much time for Gokuu to
be able to return to help out. Pan is next to her motionless father,
yelling for her grandfather to come back quickly.